Procedure :

1.  Within 21 days from its occurrence :-

a.  Institutions/hospitals to apply online on behalf of the citizen.

b.  For Non- institutional/home delivery - candidates have to apply offline to respective Borough Offices.

Fee – Nil.

2.  Within 30 days but beyond 21 days from its occurrence :-

     Institutions/hospitals /non-institutional/home delivery -  candidates have to apply offline to  respective Borough Offices.

Fee – Rs. 1 /-

3.  Within 1 year but beyond 30 days from its occurrence :-

     Institutions/hospitals / home delivery - candidates have to apply offline to respective Borough Offices.

Fee – Rs. 2 /-

  • Requirement of documents in the above cases : i) Photo Copy of I.D. proof of Parents, ii) Mother’s Discharge Certificate, iii) Baby‘s Birth Certificate issued by concerned Institution/Hospital, iv) In case of non-institutional/home delivery, Birth certificate issued by the attending Doctor. v) Notarial Affidavit (Only for cases beyond 30 days).


4.  Delayed registration of birth (After 1 year)

Incumbent has to apply online to concerned SDO by visiting the e-district portal of GoWB for necessary Order for issuance of Certificate and then to apply offline to Corporation Head Quarter.

Documents required:-

1. Mother’s discharge certificate.

2. Baby’s discharge certificate.

3. Baby’s birth certificate from hospital.

4. ID proof of father and mother.

5. In case of non- institutional birth, Birth Certificate issued by attending Doctor.

6. Residential certificate by local Councillor of Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation/ Executive Officer of respective Municipality/ Pradhan of concerned Gram Panchayet.

7. Declaration by 5 local residents with self attested photocopies of their Aadhaar card / voter id            

8. All documents are to be submitted through online e-district portal of Govt. of West Bengal.


Fee – Rs. 10/-


Application form Birth Certificate

Hospital/Nurshing Home Details


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